Top 5 Restaurants in Marathahalli
March 6, 2018
March 27, 2018

From a long walk to pubs in Bangalore to hundreds of relaxations at resto-bars in the city, one can’t help falling in love with the broad spectrum of experiences in each place. Of course, there are several wonderful pubs and nightclubs in Marathahalli Bangalore but the experiences in BOLD are super exciting and memorable. “Why would I need to visit BOLD when there are some better options out there?”. You just popped the question and you currently need to discover the perfect answers that will shape your thought about this recreation center. Here is our pick of some of the best reason to visit BOLD.

  1. TRIPPY MUSIC: If we are talking about social life in Bangalore, it is impossible to skip the trippy music in BOLD. This is a nightclub that plays hundreds of your favorite songs while tripping. Most of their songs keep you in good mood and can make you guzzle for hours without getting It’s an iconic pub that serves everyone accordingly – a relaxing center for newcomers, old-timers, young and middle-aged individuals.
  2. DELICIOUS FOOD: Bold is notorious for offering every client delicious food. It’s respected for the quality of its food. The pub boast of its delicacies which are prepared by an experienced in-house team using ingredients sourced from reliable suppliers. The tasty food is among the unique factors that separate the pub from others in Marathahalli Bangalore.
  3. TRANQUIL ENVIRONMENT: BOLD offers a relaxed atmosphere to chill out with the trippy music, tasty food, and nice brewed It’s important you go and experience that yourself!. BOLD has managed to keep moving forward through changing times because of this single factor. On lazy afternoons, it is the place you’d want to visit – restfully flipping the pages of a book and downing a chilled drink. In the evenings, it’s characterized by a loud party-like atmosphere where you either bang your head to the rhythms of music or groove to it on the dance floor.
  4. STOCKED WITH VARIETY OF DRINKS: Because Bangalore is a city populated with thousands of die-hard beer fans, BOLD has gone a little overboard to provide its clients with an assortment of their favorite pints. Vodka, cocktails, whiskey, and scotch is not left out on the list. It has acquired a good reputation for its Indian cocktail beer it suppliers to clients.
  5. CHEAP AND AFFORDABLE: BOLD has managed to retain its popularity over the years because it’s in no hurry to change and catch up with the times. The nightclub has no reason to become a burden to its clients. Rather it chooses the best approach to serve you excellent foods, offer you an extensive menu of finger food and mains. It’s indeed a place where you have a distinct opportunity to stretch every buck to the maximum.

To resist the temptation of unplugging yourself from the fun and social life in Bangalore, it’s advisable to load yourself into the car and head straight for recreation at BOLD during your leisure period. Once you reach there, you will discover that the long haul was well worth it.

Visit www.boldbangalore.com to learn more about the BOLD.

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