March 21, 2018
The Ultimate Guide To 10 Best Buffets Restaurants In Bangalore
April 9, 2018

Marathahalli, a popular region in Bangalore is a favorite IT hub for several tech-savvy. A huge number of IT professionals are known to be residing in this region. Imagine what it looks like to get hungry for food and thirsty for nourishing drinks during a hot or lazy afternoon. What would have been a way out?. Chapping in a low-quality restaurant?. Eating food that piques your curiousity can be dangerous for your work life.

Of course, there are several pubs to whirl away time at your leisure moment. But centering yourself in a lush environment with detailed services from the moment you enter can pay you a lot of dividends. No matter the level of that stress, relaxing in BOLD can usher you into a new perspective of nature.  It’s a place to reach out, meet new friends and enjoy varieties of delicious bites. Perhaps you’ve been agitating for a special culinary adventure around Bangalore famous dishes or even aiming to tuck into certain international cuisine with an assortment of chilled wines, BOLD – Club in Marathahalli, is just the best for you.




Now that you’re in the IT capital of India, it’s certain that you will always be busy with the 9-5pm job routine. It’s advisable to spare some seconds in your calendar to plan a day outing with your team in BOLD. There, you will gain maximum fun and lots of enjoyment. BOLD has amazing packages that include the best food, music, and environment which ensures that your leisure objectives are effectively met. Feel the thrill as you spend of hours of the day in this siren environment.

Being one of the favorite places for the corporate team, you can come to BOLD with your corporate team and enjoy resto-bar life. It’s certain the laughter and music in this location will certainly wash over you as you leisurely nurse your beer and bang your head to the music the rhythms of music. There is not much in India that can match the joy of downing mug of beers with your teammates at BOLD. It’s a classy and fabulous retro-bar in Bangalore with as many social activities your team desires to have.  The unique experience there won’t only make the rest of your day perfect, it will as well influence you to badger your friends to have their leisure time at BOLD.


The pub is an appropriate place for young newbies, golden oldies, stressed employee and even hikers and bikers. This is a retro bar where corporates can be conveniently self-satisfied. BOLD understands the dynamics of recreations in India and it’s always ready to offer the best experiences the corporate type of individuals deserves. Maybe you’re planning to book a space for Corporate Team outing, Corporate Day outing or needs to throw an event at a unique place in Marathahalli. BOLD is the right pub to consider. It’s a recreation center where you can really stretch every buck to the maximum.

Visit www.boldbangalore.com to learn more about the pub.

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