The Ultimate Guide To 10 Best Buffets Restaurants In Bangalore
April 9, 2018

Bangalore is undoubtedly a well-recognized area known for music and gigs with various bands of different genre playing somewhere in the city. The number of hip-hop can’t still replace the old Bollywood tracks. The following are some of the exceptional places you can get down and boogie at Hollywood nights

  1. BOLD

Enjoy the lighter side of life at the ever-so perky and playful, third-floor pub, where you don’t need to be formal / dressed up / dressed down / or presumptuous, or anything. The place- is not just a pub, but a unique fusion of a bustling pubs space and a tavern- the way you would love it.

There is nothing more valuable in life than friends, wine, and good food. All of these are combined with Bold’s Play section. You can easily pop-in to the charmingly relaxed atmosphere of Play during your shopping day or enjoy the fun until the night. This section offers simple and delicious bar nibbles, charming wines, White Wine and Liquor, Pubs with dance floor and exhilarating cocktails for you to let your hair down and experience the high life with your favorite people at close proximity.



Reputed for its vast huge dance floor, No limmits is classified as one of the best nightclubs to visit when you’re eager to let your hair down and have a great night of happy dancing. With the options of Bollynights on weekends, this dance center will surely be a great option to welcome your next weekend.

This club can give you a glamorous and sparkling image of Bangalorean’s who delights in shaking a leg. No doubt, it’s among the best looking clubs in Bangalore. With its unique menu and yummy cocktails, this rendezvous is a must visit for party goers.


This place is super for its fantastic poolside bar available for the romantics. Truly, the amazing open-air atmosphere of this nightclub worth dying for. Ensure that you try their signature nachos and reserve yourself a table as it gets jam-packed even on weekdays.


It’s good to experiences the taste of the Russian specialties at Tipple-on the roof at that moment which you sit and tap your feet to B-town’s hottest tracks. End your weekend night on a good note in the modern pub’s Bollywood nights.

With a business model that places other lounge bars below its standard, this rooftop lounge is undoubtedly among the best venues you can groove in Bangalore. Distinguished by signature cocktails and an outlandish menu, this up-to-the-minute party place is an additional venue your feet shouldn’t miss.


Bollywood nights which happens every Friday at this unique nightclub is among the top energy-filled Bollywood night’s in Bangalore. If you can make it to this club, we bet it, you’re going to find it much difficult to stop dancing.

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