The Pub

Best Pub in Marathahalli

Enjoy the lighter side of life at the ever-so perky and playful, third floor pub, where you don’t need to be formal / dressed up / dressed down / or presumptuous, or anything. The place- is not just a pub, but a unique fusion of a bustling pubs space and a tavern- the way you would love it.

There is nothing more valuable in life than friends, wine and good food. All of these are combined at Bold's Play section. You can easily pop-in to the charmingly relaxed atmosphere of Play during your shopping day or enjoy the fun until the night. This section offers simple and delicious bar nibbles, charming wines, White Wine and Liquor, Pubs with dance floor and exhilarating cocktails for you to let your hair down and experience the high life with your favourite people at close proximity.

BOLD - Pub with dance floor

Quite obviously, the kitchen is of the highest order serving contemporary Indian delights. You can choose from an assortment of delicious delights ranging from fiery Mangalorean fish dishes to Kerala-styled prawns; from everyone's favourite Maggi to Bangalore's most popular street food. The gentry id fresh, edgy, smart, non-obtrusive BOLD people who want to be who they are and are here to soak-in the BOLD - Pub with dance floor, experience.

So, come by, try our food, twice! Chug a pint, down a few shots and just be nice! - all in the spirit of play.

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