The Ultimate Guide To 10 Best Buffets Restaurants In Bangalore

March 27, 2018
April 20, 2018

Want a preferential treatment this season?. Maybe it’s a family feast, a lunch with colleagues or even a get-together with your childhood buddies , you won’t want to trade that special moment with a wrong buffet. Here is our pick of some of the best buffers in Bangalore loaded with a taste of everything without having a cause to burn a hole in your pocket. Truly, there are some other good restaurants in marathahalli Bangalore but it’s advisable to feel the thrills of one of the following buffets to accomplish better outing.

  1. BOLD

The delicious treats on the menu of BOLD, India’s classy buffets can put your mouth watering for more food after a single meal in the restaurant. You can always find the choicest of delicious cuisines in this buffet. With its huge collection of good local and international cuisines prepared by experienced Chef, you can be sure of enjoying oh-so-delicious dishes there.


  1. Punjab Grill

Tuck into some great cuisines at Punjab Grills. The unlimited enjoyment at this restaurant is nothing lesser of heavenly. The famous Murgh Tikka is juicy and succulents. You will surely crave for more after a meal with them.

  1. Windmills Craftworks

Taste their great menu at Windmills Craftworks. This restaurant hits all the appropriate notes.It has acquired a reputation for its ability to serve great delicacies and special brews.

  1. The Glass House – Deli Bistro Bar

It doesn’t matter the number of restaurants you’ve visit.At the heart of this restaurant lies American, Continental, Japanese and European dishes with a burst of flavors. Their wine wall showcases an unrivaled collection of wines sourced from different parts of the world. Going there is worth it.

  1. The Biere Club

Located right at the juncture of Lavelle Road and Vittal Mallya Road, it is a center for foodies and famed for their best beer and food pairing options. Some of those items that rule their menu are Chicken Massaman Curry, Pork Chops, etc

  1. AB’s- Absolute Barbecues

This restaurant is popular for delicious Grilled Prawns and Chicken Tikka. You can as well try their Grilled Pineapple which is served with cinnamon and honey, as well as their customized Ice Creams.

  1. Toscano

Toscana is among the finest Italian restaurants in Bangalore with a setting of a European Cafe. Their Poached Chicken Slices in Tuna-Mayo Sauce,  Duck Confit Salad, Pesto Rubbed Carpaccio, are the finest in the city, dished with the mind-blowing presentation.

  1. Banjara Melting Pot

You need to try the mouth-watering Laal Maas  Mangalore curry and Hara Bhara Kebabs in Banjara Melting pot. The coarse ground Kori Sukka served with Neer Dosa also deserves special mention.

  1. Black Pearl

The atmosphere and lively spread at Black pearl are worth checking for a lousy lunch to get your spirits up. They are sure as hell, exceptional for setting the mood right for you.

  1. Barbeque Nation

This buffet is known for varieties of dishes ranging from unlimited grills, delectable desserts to the main course.It’s ever-changing menu and great live counters have helped its clients to frequently experience a wonderful eating time

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